Thirroul SLSC Online Registration

🙏Thank you for choosing to join Thirroul SLSC. Below you will find details on how to register online with our club.


Registration Instructions

Ok you've made the great choice to join Thirroul SLSC - now let us try to help you navigate through the registration process (promise it's not as difficult as last year 😬..... 🤔alright it's not as difficult as solving a rubiks cube!).  Please see the points below before completing your registration:  

1 - You must register your child if entering a child into nippers

2 - A fully paid adult registration must accompany the child registration (you will repeat the process below for 2 or more members, you can make payment for all family members and assign this to one member).

Registration Fees:

1-3 Family Members Registering - $70 per member 

4 or more Family Members Registering - $60 per member

Gym Membership - $430

Swipe Key - $20

Important Notes:

* Thirroul SLSC only accepts online payments through your member portal. 



Membership categories


Junior Activity

Nippers 5-13 years


Obtained SRC, Under 15yrs

Active (15-18yrs, 18yrs+)

Obtained Bronze Medallion, 15-18yrs or 18yrs+                                                                                       Qualify annual proficiency test (unless got BM that season)                                                                    Fulfils patrol obligations


May or may not hold a SLSA Award e.g. Parents of Junior members who do not fall into any of the above categories


May or may not hold a SLSA Award e.g. Gym members


No Bronze Medallion but have obtained one or more SLSA awards: SRC, Radio Award, Resuscitation Certificate, Advance Resuscitation Certificate or First Aid Certificate

Reserve Active

Granted by Club after application to the Board, on the basis of duration of Active (patrolling) membership (10yrs+)

Long Service

Granted by Club after application to the Board, on the basis of duration of active membership (15yrs+ Active Membership or 10yrs+ Active plus 5yrs+ Reserve Active membership)

Life Member

Granted by Club, on recommendation of Board and Life Membership Committee, on the basis of rendering distinguished or special service


Granted by Club for people who have rendered special service or may fulfill specific Club roles but do not fall into any of above categories. May or may not hold a SLSA Award.



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