Code of Conduct

  1. Each time you use the gym please write your name and the date in the Gymnasium Sign In/Sign Out Sheet. The Gymnasium Sign In/Sign Out sheet is located inside the entrance to the gym near the entrance.
  2. No smoking, food or drink (other than bottles/water cooler) is permitted in the gym.
  3. Do not remove equipment from the gym without supervisor approval.
  4. Always use a separate towel for hygiene purposes and WIPE EQUIPMENT AFTER USE.
  5. If you are on your own, or the last person in the gym, switch off all electrical equipment on leaving.
  6. Lifters must use collars on every set and must not drop weights on floor.
  7. Lifters must use spotters on all moderat e to heavy sets.
  8. Move weights from the racks to the bar ONLY. Do not leave weights on the floor.
  9. Return all equipment to its allocated position.
  10. Gym users must dress appropriately at all times.
  11. Towels must be used.
  12. Athletic shoes must be worn with laces tied at all times.
  13. Lower body clothing: athletic shorts, tights or aerobic outfits.
  14. Upper body clothing: T - shirts, singlets, sweat shirts and unaltered tank tops required.
  15. Athletic hats are acceptable.
  16. Prescription glasses are permissible . NO sun - glasses permitted UNLESS suitable medical evidence supporting wearing them is provided.
  17. Any jewellery that may possibly injure a user, including rings and necklaces, is not permitted . Small earring and items that cannot inhibit or injure a user are permitted.

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