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Welcome: From Head Coach- Troy Beaumont
Hi all. My name is Troy Beaumont and I have been appointed Thirroul SLSC Head Coach. I would like to welcome you all to the 2013/14 season.  Just to give you a bit about my background, I have been involved with Thirroul Surf Club since my son Jake joined in 2006 and have been strongly involved with surf training since 2009 when Jake started board paddling. In terms of coaching, I have been an age manager over the past 4 years, and I am coach of the u13s at the Butchers and have coached since 2009. I have assisted with Jake’s training throughout the years and helped him develop from a kid that was frightened of the surf to a kid who has represented the Illawarra twice at the NSW InterBranch Championships, and who has also won Gold at the Branch Championships in the board race over the past 3 years. My daughter Elise also competes in the surf and has won Gold at Branch in the board in the u9s and Bronze in u10s. Both kids are not natural athletes but work very hard to achieve their goals. I am a very approachable person and hope that if you have any problems and question please come and talk to me.

1. Training

Training will be available to the following age groups – U8’s and up.

Children will be divided into three groups at training – Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.

Participants may be moved from one group to another as their ability improves or as conditions dictate.






4:00 to 5:30 – 6pm

4:00 to 5:30 – 6pm




4:00 to 5:30 – 6pm




4:00 to 5:30 – 6pm


Note: Saturday morning session will be followed by a light breakfast in the Clubhouse.


Whilst Troy will be at most training sessions he will be supported by Brett Holmes and Rohan Cooke on a Thursday and Chris Stuart on Saturday.



The   Coach on the day reserves the right to refuse any participant joining   training if they feel conditions, numbers, or ability will compromise safety   of the individual or the group.


If   we do not have enough Coaches, Water Safety and other parent helpers, numbers   of participants may be limited, and/ or training sessions may need to be   reduced for the season.

Training Requirements:

To ensure that the children get as much out of the training as possible your children should:


Before starting training for the season Demonstrate their competence in the water   by doing the Surf Training Skills Evaluation. This evaluation also covers   children wishing to compete in Carnivals

(See   Section 3).

Complete an Athlete Profile Sheet (see   Attachment).). Attend a Nipper board induction session. Inductions will be conducted at the beginning of the training season,   and at further training sessions as required.
Be prepared for each session Wear high visibility caps   and vests e.g. from the Sydney Water Series or as provided by Thirroul SLSC   at the time of registration.
Wear a decent wetsuit, and bring warm clothes for afterwards, until the water warms up. Don’t forget to bring a drink bottle and towel.
Meet at the front gear shed   roller door at least 10 minutes before start time, so that we are all ready   to start on time. It is not safe to   start late and chase after a group, & it is not fair to expect Water   Safety to stay behind waiting for stragglers.
Have their names marked on   to the attendance sheet.
During    session Follow the directions of   the Coach & Water Safety Officers for the duration of the training   session. Otherwise they may be told to leave the session.
At end of the session Have their names marked off   the attendance sheet.
Board care – see Thirroul SLSC Junior Board Policy.


And at least one parent should:

Before starting training for the season Make sure your child has   Complete a Training Profile prior commencing   surf/ board training in any group, and return it to the Head Coach (see   Attachment).
If you wish to have a board   allocated to your child for the season:
  •   Complete   a Club Board Allocation Application   form & Club Board Loan   Agreement form and submit to the Head Coach  Junior Gear Steward
  •   Pay   the Equipment levy to Thirroul SLSC once approval has been given
  •   Attend   a Nipper board induction session


For   further information & forms, see Thirroul SLSC Junior Board Policy.

Before, during  & at the end of the training session Come ready to help – To continue to provide   training opportunities for Thirroul Nippers we need the assistance of Nipper   parents.
Understand that if surf &/ or weather   conditions are poor, then training may be cancelled on the day, moved to   another beach or participant numbers may be limited.
Be in the water providing one-on-one assistance   when your child is beginning to paddle.
Once your child reaches a level of competence   you are expected to stay and help out for the duration of the training   session, unless discussed with and agreed by the Head Coach. You can help:
  •   on the beach (e.g. setting up and   washing down training equipment, marking off names on the attendance sheet,   looking after other children of other helpers) or
  •   in the water, ideally as qualified Water   Safety Officer, i.e. with Bronze Medallions or Surf Rescue Certificates
Abide by conditions in Club Board Loan Agreement Form.


2. Competitions

We are all competing for Thirroul SLSC and therefore all work together and cheer each other on. After an event children it is important that children congratulate each other wherever they finish in an event.

Team Policy:

  1. Team selection, including all-age teams, will be organised at the discretion of the Head Coach and will be based on training results and Sydney Water Series Results.


  1. Teams will be organised in levels e.g. A-Team, B-Team, etc.


  1. All competitors are expected to compete in their own age group and fulfil their responsibility to their team mates in that age group before being able to compete at an older level.


  1. All members of Thirroul SLSC Surf Team are expected to compete for Thirroul SLSC at all Carnivals in team events.


  1. Changes to teams can be made at the discretion of the Head coach, or proxy, in the interest of club spirit and competitive focus.


3. Surf Training Skills Evaluation

The Surf Training Evaluation must be achieved before eligible to train. This is a minimum standard water proficiency requirement.

All under 8’s wishing to paddle in the intermediate level, are required to participate in both steps of evaluation (conducted by the club) prior to any junior water activity training.

Step 1.





25m swim any stroke

1 minute


25m swim any stroke

1.5 minutes


50m swim Freestyle

2 minutes


100m swim Freestyle

2 minutes


150m swim Freestyle

2 minutes


200m swim Freestyle (5   minutes)

3 minutes


 Step 2.

SLSA requires that this evaluation is achieved before being eligible to compete (U9-U14 only). Thirroul SLSC also requires that this is achieved before commencing surf training each season.




U9 -U10

Minimum 150m open water   swim (competition course as per competition manual)


Minimum 288m open water   swim   (competition course as per   competition manual)


Thirroul SLSC also requires that all children U9 up who wish to compete in water events complete the following pool swims in the specified times.





                200m Pool Swim

6 minutes


                200m Pool Swim

5 minutes

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