Swiper Guidelines & Policy

Members that purchase a swiper agree to abide by the following points.

  1. The wrist swiper could best suit those that enter the water, train, surf, board paddle, ski paddle or patrol as they offer maximum water proofing. They should be worn at all times to avoid being locked out
  2. The 'Fob' key-ring swiper is similar to the wrist band but may suit the member that wants to connect it to their car keys etc...It needs to be carried with you always to avoid being locked out
  3. The club may be locked at times, so swipers should be carried at all times
  4. The swipers will tu rn off the security alarm system when you swipe to enter
  5. The club alarms are activated after 15 minutes of inactivity within the club. Security alarm can be deactivated when swiped at any sensor point
  6. Lost or stollen swipers MUST be reported immediately to any club committee by SMS/email/Mb/Ph so that it can be deactivated
  7. Your Swiper can not be used or passed on to other persons to use (swipers will be deactivated if this is suspected / reported)
  8. Patrol room gate must be closed at all times for security
  9. Any club keys must be returned upon swiper purchases
  10. All active patrolling members may apply to purchase a swiper
  11. Members acknowledge that swipers/sensors may malfunction at times and this must be reported to the committee
  12. Members need to wait 1-3 seconds for entry activation. This is more prominent at roller doors
  13. Roller doors are swiper activated on each swipe and will result in changes to up, stop and down movements
  14. All swiper activity is recorded on our IT system
  15. Emergency exit buttons have been installed which do not require swipers
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