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We offer the full range of Surf Life Saving training and awards. If you are over 16 and want to patrol, then the flagship Bronze Medallion award is for you. Younger members (13-15 yrs) can do their Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) and help out on patrol. We also offer the Advanced Resuscitation Techniques (ART) certificate. For those wanting to do more, we can help you find many other training opportunities and awards such as becoming an IRB Driver or Crew, a pathway to becoming a Patrol Captain by doing the Sliver Medallion in Beach Management and much more!

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Training Dates - Season 2022/23

"Training you to excel as a Life Saver"


All participants will be required to complete the theory component online prior to doing practical dates.

📅 Bronze Medallion

 Click on the link to enrol in a training course. All participants will be required to complete the theory component online prior to doing practical dates

📅 IRB, 1st Aid/Spinal

Members will need to update their ART qualification by 31 Dec 2022 and complete the up-skill requirements for spinal & tourniquet by June 2022. Information TBC

Dates TBC


For all members who are required to complete Skills Maintenance (Proficiency) this season. This is available through your portal. 



If you would like to do one of the Bronze or SRC courses below please fill in the form here

Course dates for the Bronze Medallion and Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) can be seen below under "Key Season Information for 2023/24".


Key Season Information for 2023/24

Bronze Training

Bronze Medallion - This award will be delivered on a Monday evening 530pm- 930pm for 5 weeks starting 19th November and  (may also require some Sundays 9-11am for water assessment)


SRC Training

Nothing Scheduled


Proficiency/Skills Maintenance 2023/2024

September 24th 2023 - 9am

October 22nd 2023 - 9am

November 12th 2023 - 9am

December 3rd 2023 - 9am

Kim Shipton
Chief Education Officer


"Supporting information to download"

Skills Maintenance Booklet

Skills Maintenance Circular

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