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New members - For online registration and payment go to

  • See our new member guide below if you need more detail​

Existing Members - For online registration and payment go to

  • Check your contact details are correct, renew membership and make payment

  •  See our existing member guide below if you need more detail​ 

Nippers and Sandcrabs

  • Nippers register the same way as any other member (see new / existing members info above and detailed guides below)

  • Sandcrabs registration is outlined at our Nippers & Sandcrabs Registration page


  • Single Membership: $75 per member 

  • For a full list of membership and other fees please see below

IMPORTANT: There must be at least one adult registered for a child or family group.

Thirroul SLSC Membership Fees

"How much membership costs"

Step 1:  Existing or New Member?

Is the person being registered an existing member?

Note: If you are registering your child for the first time they will not be an existing member and you will need to follow the New Member guide before adding them to an existing family group 

If you are registering a child, you must also register and pay for an adult membership

Existing Member > Go to Step 2A

New Member > Go to Step 2B 

Step 2A:  Renew Existing Membership or Family Membership


  1. Login to your account at

    • Note 1: If you cannot remember your details use the “Forgot username or password” link

    • Note 2: If you get an error saying you don't have an account, follow steps for new members below > Go to Step 2B

  2. Renew Membership

    • Renew Family Membership​

      • Select the renew button under under the Family Group Renewal section

      • Select your family group and select the renew membership link

      • Tick each family member you’d like to renew

      • Enter any uniform orders

      • Check the member declaration forms, consent & accept terms and conditions

    • Renew Single Member

      • Select the RENEW button​

      • Check details

      • Enter any uniform orders

      • Check the member declaration forms, consent & accept terms and conditions

  3. Adding a member to a family

  • Select memberships / family from menu​

  • Select view / edit

  • Select Add New Member (Note: the membership for this person needs to have been set up and approved)

Go to Step 3: Make a Payment

Step 2B:  Create New Member or Online Account

  1. Join as a new member at

  2. Select the No/Join option

  3. Select the Surf Life Saving button

  4. Select the State = NSW

  5. Enter the surf club “Thirroul”

  6. Enter the details of the new member

  7. Now click the “Select here to pay” link

  • Note 1: Once the member has been approved by Thirroul Surf Club you can add them to your family group

  • Note 2: If you receive an error saying that the member already exists, then you simply need to create the online member account by selecting the Yes option from

Go to Step 3: Make a Payment

Step 3:  Make a Payment

  1. Select the make payment button

  2. Active Kids Vouchers can then be redeemed for a membership and a $30 uniform credit (note: please enter membership fee of $100). If you are not using an Active Kids Voucher, just select NEXT (do not enter amounts)

  3. Now select PAY ONLINE BUTTON

  4. Enter the following transactions (use the Add another Transaction link to add further details):

    • Membership fee (see price list below). In the payment section, please put child surname if different from yours

    • Club Key purchase, Gym membership:

      • Please add a line item for each item

      • Set the transaction type - Swipe Key . Gym

    • Select the NEXT button

    • Enter payment details and submit payment

  5. To purchase uniform, please visit

  6. You are all done!

Click the image below do download the original file as a pdf with clickable links

How to Register

"A step-by-step guide to registration for new and existing members"

There are a number of other fees that vary based on whether you are an "Active" member or not. Active Members are patrollers, directors and principal office bearers. These fees can be paid when you join or renew, or you can pay at any time via the members portal. See Make a Payment page for details.

Competition Levy

  • Active Member 15yrs and above - $0

  • Non-active Member - $100

Gym Fees

  • Non-Active Gym Membership Fee  ($450) & Club Registration Fee ($75) 

    • Pro-Rata fees: All existing members must renew by 30 September each year at $450. For new members joining during the year, the amount will be based on the quarter you join:

      • July - September inclusive: $450

      • October - December inclusive: $337.50​

      • January - March inclusive: $225

      • April - June inclusive: $112.50

  • Swipe cards also required for new members


Electronic Swipe Card System - required to access Clubhouse

  • Upfront one-off payment for swipe card - $30

Board Storage Fee for non-active members

  • Board Storage Fee for one place - $200

    • For personal surf/paddle/rescue board/ski of any description

    • This is an annual fee payable with your membership registration

    • You will need to confirm prior to paying the Board Storage Fee that you have been allocated a storage space

    • When you make a payment please use:

      • Transaction type: Other

      • Payment details: First name Second name Storage Fee

Other Fees

"Non-membership fees"

We accept Active Kids vouchers

Membership - $75 per person

  • Adult Member (Includes Nipper Parent/Guardian)$75

  • Nipper Member (5-14yrs - At least one adult member must join for each Nipper member) - $75

  • Youth Member (15-17yrs) - $75

  • Sandcrab (4yrs - At least one adult member must join for each Nipper member) - $75

Active Kids Vouchers

  • Active kids vouchers can be used for either a single membership or for a child as part of a family

  • Please use all $100 and the remaining balance will be in the form of a uniform voucher. For example;

    • If you are paying for a single membership at $75, then when paying, enter $100 and you will get a $25 uniform credit​

How to Register - Downloadable Version

"A step-by-step guide to registration for new and existing members"

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