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World Title Success!

Thirroul Club members made a successful trip to Riccione in Italy to contest the World SLS Championships. Noel Gracie, Rod Landy, Craig Fairbrother, Jeff Wall as masters, Jake Beaumont in the Opens and younger brother Jayden. The team won a total of thirteen medals with all members of the team bringing home a medal.  Jayden Beaumont was outstanding becoming World Champion youth in both the board and surf race and was second in the Iron Man.  This was despite giving away several years in age to most of his competitors. Jake Beaumont and Jeff Wall also became World Championships in their respective age categories on the paddle board.

The full list of results were:

  • Craig Fairbrother - 3rd 50-54 board, 2nd 170+ board relay and 5th 69-64 board rescue.

  • Rod Landy - 6th 60-64 board, 2nd 170+ board relay and 5th 60-64 board rescue.

  • Noel Gracie - 5th 70-74 iron man, 2nd 70-74 board rescue and 7th 70-74 ski.

  • Jeff Wall - 2nd 70-74 board relay, 2nd 70-74 board rescue and1st 70-74 board.

  • Jake Beaumont - 3rd 20-24 ski, 2nd 20-24 iron man and 1st 20-24 board.

  • Jayden Beaumont - 2nd Youth iron man, 1st Youth surf race and1st Youth board.

The Gold Coast will host the next World Titles event in 2024 and we are looking forward to the following event in Morocco in 2026.

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World Title Success!

November 2022

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